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Q4 Inc. Launches Q4 Capital Connect™, Driving Impactful Capital Markets Communications Strategy


Q4 Inc. (TSX: QFOR) (“Q4”), a leading capital markets communications platform provider, is excited to announce the launch of Q4 Capital Connect™, a revolutionary, scalable platform built to streamline workflows and provide data-driven strategic insights across the capital markets.

Q4 Capital Connect™ enables public companies across all industries and market caps to seamlessly launch and measure the impact of a complete investor relations strategy. With one place to launch how they communicate their value to the markets, analyze the impact of every outreach, target and engage with the right investors, IR teams can build a repeatable, proactive strategy to connect with the capital markets. The platform approach allows all data generated by investors across an IR program to be aggregated alongside shareholder analytics for insights to shape a communication strategy that investors value while identifying and prioritizing the shareholders that matter.

The Q4 Capital Connect platform will house a portfolio of future applications, purpose-built to empower capital markets professionals. The first of these applications include Q4 Engagement Analytics and Q4 Web Management.

The Engagement Analytics application on Q4 Capital Connect™ aggregates the actions of investors and shareholders visiting an investor relations website and IR-related events, turning behavioral data into powerful leading indicators of stock movement, ownership data and surveillance to drive a new and proactive approach to investor targeting. Through these analytics, IROs can identify which new, existing or targeted institutions are assessing content, analyze interactions at the early stages of an investor’s research, prioritize their management team’s time to proactively engage with the right investor, and accelerate management’s awareness of activist interest in the company.

Engagement Analytics is the first product in the market that uniquely combines investor behavior with the buying and selling of publicly traded securities. This provides the ability to understand investors’ actions and intent on a daily basis and takes proactive targeting to a new level.

The fully integrated Web Management application on Q4 Capital Connect™ provides a frictionless and simplified approach to managing an IR website, offering one destination to request, track and approve critical updates to the market. Q4’s secure platform connects users with the Q4 Content Services team to easily request, preview, and publish changes to their website, while tracking change history in the same place. To date there are over 1,300 Q4 clients already using the web management application, who have experienced up to a 57% reduction in interactions when requesting content updates, a 35% improvement in turnaround times, and a vastly improved overall user experience.

“The launch of Q4 Capital Connect™ is just the beginning of a transformational approach to drive strategic, efficient and more effective interactions across the capital markets,” said Darrell Heaps, Q4’s CEO. “Built on proprietary data and analytics, along with an ever increasing portfolio of digital communication solutions, Q4 Capital Connect is a scalable platform that will continue to expand to an increasing number of applications for investor relations, as well as key workflows for investment banks and investors. We are very excited to introduce Q4 Capital Connect™ and demonstrate the strategic value and efficiencies we can provide to all capital markets participants when they come onto the Q4 platform.”

To learn more about Q4 Capital Connect™ please click here.

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Q4 Inc. (TSX: QFOR) is a leading capital markets communications platform that is transforming the way publicly traded companies, investors and investment banks make decisions to efficiently discover, communicate and engage with each other. The Q4 end-to-end technology platform facilitates interactions across the capital markets through its IR website products, virtual events solutions, capital markets CRM, shareholder and market analytics tools. The firm is a trusted partner to more than 2,700 public companies globally including many of the most respected brands in the world. Q4 is based in Toronto, with offices in New York and London. Learn more at

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