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Large and Growing TAM

Our customers span the three key segments of the capital markets: public companies, investors, and banks, representing a $20 billion TAM. While we’re proud of our +2,650 customers, this represents only 6% of the global corporate market, leaving a tremendous opportunity for growth.

Expanding Product Platform

Through Q4's comprehensive platform, we accumulate and aggregate a significant amount of data across the capital markets ecosystem, allowing us to continuously improve our solutions and meet our customers needs with actionable insights and recommendations in real time.

Data Advantage

Our platform is uniquely positioned to collect an immense amount of proprietary data. This data allows us to understand the behaviour of investors engaging with our corporate customers across our network of websites and virtual events, such as earnings calls, non-deal roadshows and investor conferences. We complement this data with public sources, such as regulatory filings and historical trading data, to form a holistic view of investors, their research behaviour and trading decisions.

Powerful Business Model

The business we are today is highly resilient, consistent and predictable and has exceptionally strong unit economics. These elements combined with high customer satisfaction ratings, low churn and low customer acquisition costs, position us well for continued strong organic growth.

Transformative M&A Opportunities

The landscape of capital markets communication technology solutions is broad and defined by point solutions which would benefit from being part of our platform. We believe we are well positioned to become the consolidator in this industry and that our platform can benefit from strategic acquisition opportunities. We have a proven track record for acquiring and integrating these types of solutions into the Q4 platform.

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