Our Commitment

At Q4, we are deeply committed to the adherence and advancement of all components of ESG. As a corporate issuer, we strive to be exemplary stewards of environmental, social and governance best practices. As a leader in capital markets communication, we improve the ability for corporates to discover and communicate with the right investors and believe that this levels the playing field by shifting away from the traditional model of larger, name-brand investors having undue influence. We also provide solutions that help corporate issuers effectively organize their ESG disclosures for investor consumption. Looking ahead, we intend to enrich our ESG solutions to deliver the most effective and actionable data by which corporations and investors can measure and track ESG performance.

Our Core Values & Culture

The culture at Q4 is based on our core values: to hustle, grind, compete, iterate and care. These values form the basis of how we operate and enable us to be innovative with the products we develop and the experience we deliver to our customers. We have spent years focused on building Q4 to drive consistent growth and expansion. We are committed to executing our mission, for the benefit of our community, our customers and our investors. 

DE&I Efforts

Our core value system at Q4 rests on a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. For the third consecutive year, we have been designated by Great Place to Work® Canada for several distinctions, including a Top 50 Best Workplace for Women and a Top 50 Best Workplace for Inclusion. We also launched and continue to build out our DE&I Employee Council, along with our DE&I monthly newsletter. While we have built a solid foundation, we are early in our ESG journey and still have many exciting initiatives to implement.

Our Privacy Pledge

Q4 is deeply committed to protecting the privacy rights of our customers and all users across our platform and we have hardwired privacy safeguards into our platform. We have a robust compliance and privacy program in place and empower our users to have full control of all of their data stored within our platform. We are SOC-2 Type II certified with ISO-compliant (International Organization for Standardization) processes and procedures.

Q4 has been audited by a leading third party who conducted a full assessment of our technical infrastructure and data-handling processes. Our dedication to privacy is embedded in the fabric of how we build and develop our products and services. As a “privacy-by-design” organization, privacy is not simply a compliance checkbox in a workstream; it is a conscious company-wide mindset as evidenced by our structured privacy program and policies. We provide identity information to our customers only in instances where a direct interaction has occurred; otherwise, the data we leverage is fully anonymized and aggregated to protect user privacy.

Our Affiliations, Partnerships & Awards